My name is Diamond. I am a 6 year old Great Dane that my previous owner surrendered to the shelter. A wonderful rescue came and saved me from being in that strange place.

Getting to my new foster was awesome. I found this thing they call a couch. I did not know anything could be so soft and comfortable. Riding in a car is not my favorite thing to do, but I met more wonderful people at the "vet's office" as they call it. I really do love being around people. I am really drawn to men more than women but, hey, if you want to pet and love on me, I do not care. I mean, what can you do when I walk up and slide my big ol' head in your hand and look up at you with my pitiful eyes?

My foster home has this thing called a cat but, I don't see what the fascination is with it. I would rather just lay on my couch... except when I want attention, of course.