Welcome handsome Cody back! He's a 2 year old Anatolian Shepherd. He's super sweet, friendly, and independent.
He was adopted about 6 months ago, and the family returned him because he would escape the yard and was not adjusting to staying in the crate when they were at work. When he was with us before and in foster care, although it wasn't his favorite thing, he was fine in the crate and did not try to escape and never tried to escape the yard. We are acclimating him back into foster care and hoping to get him back to where he was before and getting him to associate the crate again with positive things because if he's left out he can get into mischief. We don't think it is separation anxiety as he doesn't have to always be with his people when they are home. He just likes to know where they are and can often be found in the other room chilling out or playing with his toys. We think it is more a confinement anxiety. He will go in and out of the crate when the door is open to get toys or treats and even lay down, but something clicks when the door is shut. We will be working with a trainer soon also.
He is great with other dogs and kids. House trained and knows basic commands. No cats though, please 😉 Cody needs an active family that can exercise him and give him the attention he needs. He's a great boy!