AKBS_20161113_1231-27-Edit-Edit-Edit Hi there! My name is Beasley. I am a Great Dane/Doberman mix, which means I take up slightly less room at only 90 pounds. I was adopted from the Great Dane Friends rescue seven years ago. Unfortunately, the family I was with grew in the meantime with the additions of two children and one overly-enthusiastic dog. Given that I am 8 years old, I am a rather distinguished gentleman who does not appreciate the hyperactivity that accompanies small kids and certain dogs. Old age is difficult you know, and I do not take fondly to people or pets leaning on my back legs. Thus, I am looking for a forever home with calmer dogs and older children or just adults who will respect my space. With that being said, I am an absolute cuddle bug. I am also a master at seeking attention: I just implement my three step plan. First, I place a paw on my foster mom to get her attention. Second, I flip her arm up and put it on my head. Third, if all else fails, I grumble at her until she pays attention and gives me a pet or two. My age means I sleep a lot and am always looking for that comfy blanket or dog bed. While I like my beauty rest, I also love to go for walks. Just mention the word walk and I will bound around in circles waiting for you to get ready. I am not much of self starter in the dog park so walks are very important to get me the exercise I need! Walks are not all I can do though! I also have been hiking and even jogged a mile with my foster mom. Age is just a number after all. My leash manners are very good. I want to say hello to everybody and every dog I meet but with some training I am learning to sit and calmly approach everyone. I am already very impressive at coming on the leash and sitting when told. Did I mention I also know "paw" and "down"? __beasley2Speaking of other dogs, I currently have a Great Dane/Lab buddy that sometimes hangs out with me. I am content to let him run the show, and we enjoy walking right next to each other on our adventures! I am not particularly interested in playing with toys with him but because he is equally indifferent to me we have had no problems. We do play with toys individually in each other's presence and are respective of each other's toys. My favorite toys are stuffed ones that squeak. I like to thoroughly kill them and find the squeaker. Overall, I am an excellent dog that is looking for a forever home that provides a calm, structured environment for me to live out my golden years. I am still active but like to have plenty of me time and I need a family that understands that. I will even go into my crate on my own as I view that as a safe, quiet spot. I am also completely house-trained and can be trusted to have free reign of the home when my foster mom is away. I am always there to greet her when she returns, usually with a big, toothy smile, which she says is not really my best look (apparently it's a bit frightening) but I am just happy to see her and want to show it! Don't overlook me! I am ready to find my forever home and show them just how great of a dog I am!