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  During these challenging economic times, many families are struggling to make ends meet. The reality is that many of them are forced to make tough choices which often include putting off veterinary care for their pets or turning them over to rescues and shelters. With the pet overpopulation crisis that we face, those in the animal welfare field make it our goal to see that every pet gets the care that it deserves. With your help we can continue to save these dogs and find them wonderful homes. There are many ways you can help us! From donations to volunteering your time or services, we are a rapidly growing rescue and greatly appreciate any aid you can offer!

Make a One-time Donation


Recurring Donations

Great Dane Friends is proud to be a rescue that will go as far with medical care as is necessary to restore a dog's quality of life. In addition to the basic vaccines, heartworm tests, and spay/neuters, we often have a greater need for money to help pay for more expensive medical needs. Please take a look at our current Medical Fund dogs, and consider donating to them, or make a general donation here: Have items to donate? Here is a list of items that you can donate to our foster dogs:
  1. Donate some dog treats.
  2. Donate some dog toys.
  3. Donate some ID tags.
  4. Donate some blankets or dog beds.
  5. Donate a crate or exercise pen.
  6. Donate grooming supplies.
  7. Donate a gift certificate to a pet store.
  8. Donate Heartworm medication.
  9. Donate flea prevention medication.
  10. Donate a raffle item for fundraising.
  11. Pay the boarding fees to board a dog for a week or two weeks?
  12. Donate vet services or pay for a dog to get its shots or spay/neuter.
  13. Donate dog related cleaning products. Febreeze, for example.
  14. Donate printer paper to rescue.
  15. Donate envelopes to rescue.
Prefer online shopping? We have an Amazon Wishlist full of treats, toys, and supplements that our rescued dogs love! Any donations can be mailed to: GDFRL 7007 Golden Eagle Tr. Iron Station, NC 28080 ****checks can be made to GDF of Ruff Love**** VOLUNTEER Do you have time or skills that you'd like to volunteer to help our Great Danes and their friends? There are many areas in which you can help! Extra hands at fundraising events, grant writing, marketing, event planning, transporting dogs from shelters to their foster homes, etc. We'd love to hear from you to discuss any of these hands-on ways you can volunteer! Ever considered fostering a rescue dog? Fostering is a truly rewarding experience! There's nothing like it. It's requires dedication, patience, and a good understanding of dogs in general. You'll be expected to open your home to a foster dog and to treat it with the same structure and love that you'd show your own pet to help it adapt to and understand life with a great family. Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love covers medical expenses for your foster dog, and our volunteers are happy to share experiences and help eachother. We are a team! Interested? Contact us!  

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